5 Signs That It May Be Time to Call a Family Lawyer

5 Signs That It May Be Time to Call a Family Lawyer

There are now over 60,300 family law and divorce firms employing over 71,700 professionals in the US. Though help is only a call away, many people don’t recognize when they should call a family lawyer. Do you?

Here are five telltale signs you should call a lawyer. After reviewing this guide, you can make a more informed choice with your future and family in mind.

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1. You’re Considering a Divorce

About 630,500 couples get a divorce each year. If you’re considering filing for a divorce, talk to a divorce lawyer before taking action. They can help you get organized in preparation for your divorce case. 

An experienced family law attorney will have the knowledge and training necessary to help you with any legal issues that can arise as a result of your divorce. For example, you might need to negotiate child custody or property rights as well. 

Before your consultation appointment, gather documents such as your:

  • Mortgages
  • Car documents
  • Financial account records
  • Shared online account information
  • Phone records

Some spouses don’t react well to the news. Gathering these documents ahead of time can make the process easier. It also ensures your spouse doesn’t hide these documents when it’s time for negotiations.

2. You’re About to Get Married

Consider talking to a family lawyer if you’re about to get married, too. They can help draft your prenuptial agreement. 

Your lawyer can also outline the laws that govern families and marriage. For example, you might want to consider your obligations if a marriage dissolves due to circumstances beyond your control. You can talk to your lawyer if a marriage ends with the death of a spouse without warning, too. 

3. Domestic Partnership Agreements

An experienced family attorney can provide guidance about domestic partnership agreements. For example, you might want to discuss how you plan to divide assets upon separation. Perhaps you want to add provisions regarding your children instead. 

Your lawyer will represent your best interests when negotiations arise between both parties. They can help you avoid making costly mistakes as you negotiate the contract. 

4. Your Spouse Threatens to Hide Assets

If your spouse threatens to hide assets before filing for bankruptcy, consult a lawyer right away. A family attorney can help you determine your legal options. 

You might want to consider filing for divorce to file bankruptcy jointly instead. 

5. Child Custody Cases

Family attorneys can help with all family issues, including discussions about child custody. Consider contacting a lawyer if:

  • The other parent is keeping you from seeing your children
  • They’re not following court orders regarding visitation
  • Custody proceedings aren’t moving as quickly as you’d like
  • There was domestic violence
  • Your spouse didn’t file their financial disclosure paperwork

They can advocate for you and your children.

Call a Family Lawyer to Review Your Legal Options Today

Don’t hesitate to call for help if these situations sound familiar. An experienced family lawyer can provide the guidance and reassurance you need, regardless of your situation. Consider consulting a family attorney today.

Need help right away? We’re here for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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