Criminal Defense Lawyers: 3 Tips for Choosing Your Best Option in Allentown, PA

criminal defense lawyers

Criminal Defense Lawyers: 3 Tips for Choosing Your Best Option in Allentown, PA

TV and movies often exaggerate the experience of criminal cases. There is one part where they’re not too far off; the feeling of being arrested.

It is a lonely and frightening experience. You’re trapped and it seems like no one’s on your side.

Getting an experienced professional to help with your case as quickly as possible makes it much easier to bear. Read on for three tips for finding the best criminal defense lawyers.

1. Check Their Experience and Certification

The first thing to check is certification. A board-certified criminal defense lawyer earns that title with exceptional experience and a positive reputation.

48% of clients looking for an attorney start searching online. You can check for certification on your local bar association website.

Continue your search by looking deeper into their records in municipal, state, federal, and superior courts. They should have a high success rate in all of them.

58% of clients say that specialization is the most important factor in their decision. Find a criminal defense attorney who specializes in criminal law and has handled cases like yours before.

Location also matters. Look for local Allentown defense lawyers. They’ll be well-versed in the laws of the area and have valuable local connections to call on.

2. Do an In-Person Interview

80% of clients check online reviews before hiring a lawyer, but communication is even more important. 63% say they’ll move on to the next option on their list if they call a firm and no one answers.

Many criminal defense attorneys offer free consultations. This is the time to ask questions, explain your case, and get recommendations.

It also gives you a clear first impression of them and how they’ll communicate with you during your case. You need a partner who you can feel comfortable working with. They should provide clear and quick updates because time is of the essence in criminal defense trials.

3. Find Out Their Fees

The average hourly rate for lawyers in the U.S. is $272. This may not include additional expenses for:

  • Court filing
  • Expert witness
  • Administrative expenses

They can also use other payment structures such as flat, contingency, or retainer fees.

Avoid criminal defense lawyers who aren’t clear about their process or how much they charge. Ask about what fee structures they use. Request an itemized bill that includes the total amount you’ll pay for their expertise.

Strike a balance between quality and price when you’re making your final decision. The cheapest lawyers may be inexperienced or hiding extra fees behind low initial prices. The most expensive ones may be from large firms that are too busy to give you individualized attention.

Your Best Option for Criminal Defense Lawyers

Criminal defense lawyers are a lifeline in criminal cases. Focus on the ones that are board-certified, specialized, and local. Get an initial in-person consultation to see how well you can communicate with them. Check that their fees are affordable and clearly laid out.

Our firm Crosson Richettti & Daigle has a team of specialized lawyers who offer a personalized approach. Get a consultation with criminal attorney Michael Daigle for help navigating your case today.

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