When to Hire a Child Custody Attorney in Allentown, PA

child custody attorney

When to Hire a Child Custody Attorney in Allentown, PA

It is not uncommon for more than 30,000 divorces to occur in the state of Pennsylvania each year. Divorcing your spouse is a difficult task, but adding in children makes it even harder.

Ideally, the divorcing couple can reach a mutually beneficial custody agreement. After all, it is important for both parents to play an active role in a child’s life.

Unfortunately, many custody agreements depend on the involvement of lawyers and judges. Read on to learn when to hire an Allentown, PA, child custody attorney. Explore how custody attorneys in Allentown can help you secure more time with your children.

You Are Being Blocked from Seeing Your Children

Far too often, one of the parents is blocked from seeing their children. In the most extreme cases, they cannot even communicate with a child.

This is a situation that demands the assistance of experienced Allentown lawyers. Your lawyer will immediately petition the court for fair access to the children.

Time Distribution Is Not Fair

Does it feel like your ex has a disproportionate amount of time with your children? Is your child spending the vast majority of holidays away from your home?

If so, a child custody lawyer can help rectify this situation. They can present a case to the court showing that your time with the children is insufficient and needs to increase.

Unhealthy Relationships

A divorce is not easy on children. They are not familiar with their parents’ separation and the nuances of shared custody.

While some couples are able to split amicably, many relationships dissolve into an unhealthy status. There is constant fighting and arguing over who is raising the children the right way.

It is not mentally healthy for children to hear their parents routinely fighting. Many children require therapy and have emotional scars from this type of fighting. If you are having intense fights, it is a good idea for an attorney to help you draw legal boundaries.

Involvement of Drugs and Alcohol

Drugs and excessive alcohol put children in immediate danger. Of course, if a child consumes either item, there could be fatal consequences.

Also, parents under the influence of drugs or alcohol tend to make poor parenting choices. If you suspect either item is in use, it is wise to consult with an attorney.

Your Ex Is Lawyered Up

You don’t want to get caught off guard in terms of a custody battle. If your ex is lawyering up, it is best for you to do the same.

Custody disputes can be complicated and an experienced attorney may turn the tide. Without legal representation, you may receive an unfavorable custody agreement.

Your Guide to When to Hire a Child Custody Attorney in Allentown, PA

You now have a good idea of when a child custody lawyer is needed. The uglier the situation gets, the more an attorney is necessary.

Crosson Richetti & Daigle have an extensive track record of winning favorable outcomes in custody hearings. If you are looking for a child custody attorney near Allentown, PA, contact us at Crosson Richetti & Daigle today to consult the best.

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