3 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need a Child Custody Attorney

3 Reasons Why You Absolutely Need a Child Custody Attorney

Are you going through a divorce or separation? While this is a stressful time regardless of your situation, it gets even more difficult when there are children involved. In most cases, both parents want what’s best for their children, but when emotions start firing up, it’s hard to see clearly. They often end up putting their children in the middle of their divorce battles. If this sounds familiar to you, or you want to avoid it altogether, it’s best to get a child custody attorney involved.

As a matter of fact, it’s best if both guardians invest in a child custody lawyer. Keep reading to learn some of the top reasons that you should start looking into “child custody lawyers near me.”

1. They Keep The Peace

When you’re trying to negotiate child custody between yourself and your former partner on your own, things are going to get heated. This is true even if you have the most amicable separation. People have intense emotions when it comes to the safety of their children.

You can fight it out on your own, but this can make the situation more tense and frustrating. You may discover that your once-friendly situation becomes a massive ordeal.

Hiring lawyers to do the negotiating for you takes you and your partner out of the equation. They’ll take your opinions into account, but overall they’re doing the footwork on their own so you don’t have to fight.

2. They Make Things Fair

If one parent already has a child custody lawyer it’s important that you also get one so the situation stays fair. It’s difficult to represent yourself in court when the other parent has a seasoned professional on their side.

It might seem as though hiring lawyers instead of taking care of things on your own can create a manipulative situation. In reality, good child custody lawyers know how to de-escalate the situation and think clearly about the child’s best interests.

3. They Can Help With Difficult Situations

In a perfect world, all child custody negotiations would go off without a hitch. Both parents would agree on half-and-half custody, shake hands, and move on.

In the real world, this isn’t always true. There are situations in which it’s crucial to have a lawyer on your side so you can protect yourself and your child.

In cases that involve abuse, heavy manipulation, or the potential for one parent to try to take the child out of the state (thus preventing easy visitation), a lawyer can get involved and protect the other parent.

Special circumstances require legal help.

Hire a Good Child Custody Attorney Today

The right child custody attorney will make the divorce process easier on both you and the other parent. You’re not being tricky by hiring a professional. You’re just protecting your child’s best interests.

Remember, even amicable separations can benefit from a child custody attorney.

Are you ready to hire one of the best attorneys around to support you during your child custody battle? At Crosson Richettti & Daigle, we specialize in child custody mediation and support so you can protect your family. Contact us so we can start working on your case today.

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