Modifying Your Child Support in Pennsylvania

Modifying Your Child Support in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, when you pay for child support the amount is determined by a specific pre-set formula. Starting with your monthly income as the determining factor means that your support amount can change based on your job circumstances.

  • Did you get a raise?
  • Have you taken a leave of absence due to a family emergency?
  • Did you have to switch jobs?

It is not an instant change, but the parent who incurred the change can file for a modification with the court.

“The Pennsylvania courts calculate child support according to an “income shares” model. This means that the court will try to estimate the amount of money that the parents would’ve spent on the child had they remained together and combined their financial resources. The court uses guidelines to arrive at a child support amount and that amount is presumptively correct. Once the order has been finalized, the only way that a parent can modify it is by showing that there’s been a “material and substantial change in circumstances” such as job loss or relocation.”

If you have an existing child support order that entitles you to child support payments or requires you to make monthly child support payments, and believe a child support modification may be appropriate contact Crosson & Richetti Child Support Attorneys today. Additionally, if you have questions about a child support amount you may be entitled to, but are not receiving, contact our office at 610-351-2264 to discuss your options in filing for support.

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